Cowell Auto Group wins the 2017 Small & Medium Sized Employers Award

Cowell Auto Group wins the 2017 Small & Medium Sized Employers Award

For the third year in a row, Cowell Auto Group has been selected as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Sized Employers. For over 50 years, Cowell Auto Group has built a community of employees recognized for their innovation, collaboration and leadership. Rand Cowell, President of Cowell Auto Group recognizes the importance of treating employees like internal customers. “To get that family feeling going we want to make sure there’s as much focus on us respecting each other and treating each other as though we’re customers internally as well.”

In 1967, Rand and Ryan’s father, Gary Cowell opened a Volkswagen dealership. Now Cowell Auto Group also sells Audis, Jaguars and Land Rovers and nearly 300 employees. “It is our great staff, both past and present, who have helped build the organization,” says Gary Cowell. “We have had fantastic, loyal employees over the years who believe in the exceptional products that we sell, share common values, and understand the effectiveness of providing our customers with quality experience at our dealerships”

Another key to success for Cowell Auto Group is our on-going connection with the community. In addition to supporting the Alzheimer’s Society, Richmond Hospital Foundation and other charities, Cowell Auto Group pays employees to volunteer and give back in the community.

Our focus ensures that our team of passionate, caring specialists work seamlessly to put you at the centre of every experience you have with us. For our entire journey together, you’ll feel listened to, understood and respected. And our promise is that you’ll always feel genuinely wowed by our caring team. This statement along with a set of shared values guide internal customers though their day-to-day interactions.

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